A Restaurant Wedding in Aurora, Illinois

What is a Signing ceremony? A signing ceremony is a short ceremony that involves an Officiant, the couple, a marriage license and a few words.

  1. Officiant. The officiant will consult with the couple on the criteria needed for a signing ceremony, most importantly ask the questions, “Why are you getting married today?” “Tell me a little about yourselves and your relationship” These types of questions will help the officiant understand why you’re getting married and that there is no one acting under duress.
  2. Declaration of Intent. This is the legal statement required for the ceremony. It is when your officiant asked the couple to confirm that
    they are both present this day of their own free will to be married to each other. Basically, it’s the “I Do’s” of the ceremony.
  3. Pronouncement. My favorite part…”I now pronounce you MARRIED!”
  4. Signing. Your officiant will complete and sign your marriage certificate. Once completed you may take a couple routes to file your license. You can take it in person to the county clerk’s office and file, you can put it in the mail, or you can request to have your officiant return it to the Clerk’s office, where it was recorded. After that occurs, the Clerk’s office can issue you a certified copy of your marriage certificate upon request. Marriage certificates are not automatically sent to couples.

Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate with each other. Your wedding day, no matter how big or small, is a major time in your lives and it deserves to be celebrated! So, whether you follow up the ceremony with a coffee toast at a Starbucks, a full course dinner at your favorite restaurant or a night out with friends, let this day be a day to remember.

Sweetheart Quickies (Signing Ceremonies) are tough during Covid-19. In the beginning, everything was closed, and even when things started to open back up, there was extremely limited availability. My first signing was at a Mexican restaurant in Aurora, IL named El Jefe. There was a nice atmosphere. Music was playing lightly in the background with low lit sections for a more romantic, private setting, but still casual enough to come in and have lunch with the girls and the occasional margarita!

The staff was friendly, and the establishment adhered to the new norm of hand sanitizer, masks, and social distancing. Each table was appropriately spaced for their clientele’s well-being while visiting. It was an excellent choice! The couple felt comfortable but still a little nervous; after all, they were getting MARRIED! The restaurant owner was more than accommodating, allowing us a small section in front of the restaurant for some guests and a brief ceremony to tie it all together.

Once we were brought to our tables, I spoke a few words, affirming the couple’s intentions. And with the stroke of a pen, they were pronounced Husband and Wife! Not to mention it was time for LUNCH! Unfortunately, I could not join them due to another event later that day, but it was not without great hesitation that I left. Leaving behind the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen was not easy!

Your signing ceremony will be as special as you make it. Remember, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Big or small, this is your special day. Whether your altar is at a church, in a park, or at El Jefe, I’ll meet you there!