Micro Weddings: The New Normal.

Due to Covid-19 Micro Weddings have become the new normal for couples trying to get married in 2020. What is a Micro Wedding? They’re small celebrations with a guest list of up to 50 people, you’ll find these weddings being held in backyards, parks, hotels, and other venues just like a traditional wedding just on a smaller scale. My thought on the micro wedding is that just because you have to go small doesn’t mean you can’t have your BIG moment. So even though you have to plan on a smaller scale go all out and were the BIG gown, order the large wedding cake, and don’t forget to POP the champagne. This is your day and you shouldn’t leave out any of the fairytale details you dreamt of since you were a little girl!

I had the pleasure this summer of officiating a micro wedding at The Foxhole on Montrose Ave in Chicago. The plan began with a small elopement at the couple’s apartment. Of course, as concerns of COVID-19 grew, so did their concern for the well-being of their guests. At the last minute, and by that, I mean 1 week before the big day, the brides found a venue!

The Foxhole was the perfect spot for a small ceremony. The couple’s friends rallied and transformed the space into their fairytale wedding. The main room had an open concept design where they created an aisle for the bride to walk down, with seating on each side. The kitchen had a serving window that acted as their bar area. The decor was simple and gave me an elegant, rustic feel. When I arrived, the atmosphere felt like any large venue would have felt the day of the ceremony.